Thursday, August 9, 2012

YELLOW Journalism

Those notorious kings of yellow journalism, National Geographic, have really gone too far with their reality TV offerings.  This is the price we pay when ANY person or culture or society can be put up for sale for entertainment purposes.  On the one hand, I find it difficult to believe NG is genuinely a villain, nor the producers of this series.  On the other, though, the extent to which sensationalism and certain aspects of "reality" TV DO have a place, even on PBS, is unquestionable.  It does make money.  And that is sad.  Because then, even the naive, and even those who would scorn the reality sluts (LINK****) of the infotainment landscape become susceptible to a blurry and barely navigable path ... leading - where, exactly?

NG's logo:

It does have that unfortunately-colored rectangle, after all.

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