Thursday, August 23, 2012

GOP Going Medieval

I try not to post news-cycle-of-the-moment links, comments, or snarks to speak of here, but this past weekend's news just got relevant in this commentary on how medieval Todd Akin's ignorance is.

We'll just leave the inevitable observations Diane would like to make, about how this is yet more demonization of the past, unspecified, shall we?  I figure you guys know what I am thinking by now.  And the real demons here are only denizens of the past in their own wishful thinking.


I will point out two observations:

  1. "The notion ... can be traced back to the Middle Ages. At this time the scientific and medical texts of Greek and Roman antiquity were being translated and appropriated by European doctors and philosophers" ...  Here is the thing.  GREEK AND ROMAN ANTIQUITY occurred some time before the medieval period.  Thank you for playing "Ain't That Medieval Times?".)
  2. The MODERN Zimbabwean suggested method to curb the spread of AIDS is for women to shave their heads and *not bathe* - to become unattractive, so men will not desire them.  Also, female genital mutilation is a great idea - don't tell the Tea Partiers about this one, m'kay?

Let's reiterate a major campaign denial, shall we?  THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN.

Oh, my achin' head.

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