Friday, August 3, 2012

Olive You, British Cuisine

Archaeology is always interesting, but the conclusions we can reach about the LIFE led by those who left us its artifacts are the fascniating part.  I always have been a sucker for backstory.

In which the Brits were eating olives before the Romans were thought to have brought those treats up the Isles' way ... and a few more odd points of canine archaeology, as well.  (That last link might not be fun for the squeamish or tender-hearted, but a few sacrificial details in the first two probably make good indicators of its content.)


Anonymous said...

So the Roman "invasion" was a strategic retreat by islanders who realized that the occupiers would bring olives,...right? Brilliant!

DLM said...

Hee. Rather makes a bunch of waiters out of the Roman Empire - love it!