Monday, August 20, 2012


The temp this morning was down to seventy-one; the year is turning, the days are shorter already.  Humidity is up - but in promise for autumn, not in the stultification of summer.

Per my last post, got some very good editing done this weekend.  I also got the house clean, and tried to have work done on the car - but there is more yet to be done.  On Sunday, I picked up three paint samples - having spent some time with mom Friday, picking up acres of swatch chips.  $130 in sales on eBay went through over the weekend, and all were paid as of this morning.

Tonight, I've been watching TNG - some very good eps, I have to say, including Famke Janssen's well-known turn - getting all the shipping ready, and putting up some blobs of paint; each color, each wall.  I've been cuddling, and being snuggled by, Gossamer, which is joyous and wonderful.  He's sitting on my right arm even as I type now, kneading on my belly and watching the screen eagerly.

Today, I wore mocha velvet, and was comfortable, soft, and felt good in my skin, but my head was really bad.    Tomorrow, a soft, long dress and more work to be done.  Autumn is coming.

I hope it actually grows cool this year.  I missed cold seasons last year.

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