Monday, July 25, 2016


“How do the breasts look?
“She was always very fancy.”
“I don’t have nothing to hide.”

So, yeah. Eep, the world ... ... ... but for now, there are puppies. Thoughts from E. M. Goldsmith (and a couple comments from me, too).

"23 shipwrecks in 22 days" is a lot of discovery.

And, because I needed MORE blogs to provide me perpetually renewing online TBR, Benjamin Clark on researching wet paper towels - and so much more!


Like Benjamin Clark wasn't bad enough, then I found Nate Wilson's blog and, on top of having the AbFab theme running through my head, now I want to write science haiku.

And finally, Stephen Parks' post on automation actually reminds me that the fiction he cites, fearing exactly the same things we fear now, is generations old now. Reassuring? Could be ... But I did think of the comments Jeff Sypek recently had regarding some of the less-observed socio-economic aspects of the self-driving car question.


E.M. Goldsmith said...

Thanks for the shout out, Diane. I read your synopsis of The Ax and the Vase- fascinating stuff. I love history although I know very little about Clovis. What an amazing breadth of knowledge you have collected. I will be keeping my eye on you. Say hey to your furry friends for me.

DLM said...

Thank you, Elise! It's rather kinder to call it a breadth of knowledge than nerdly obsession, I'll take that, and we can keep eyes on each other. I so love your darling pug pal.

If I ever do decide to self-pub, you'll hear it here first. It won't provide textbook history on Clovis, but it's a good yarn! (Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli was my very first real reader ever, she was kind ...