Monday, July 11, 2016


The Atlantic takes a look at the imperfect ecosystem of copyright infringement, exposure, and some hope in the world of self-publishing. One of the many things I have to think about. A point of particular interest is the demand to publish frequently. Y'all know, I am not a speed-demon. Hmm.

Unusually, for The History Blog, this entry frustrating. There is an immense amount of verbiage, for one, which has nothing to do with the artifact in the title - and is all about yet more rich vintage white folks ... but tucked into a litany (again, having nothing to do with the Egyptian mask of which we see so little in the post) is the story of Mathinna, a Tasmanian child stolen and then abandoned by the wonderful wealthy folk. Her family's lives are by far more interesting than the tempestuous rich girl's bio (the link on her name shares much richer detail). Oh, and by the way - again, the post was supposedly about an Egyptian mask.

On Janet's latest flash fiction contest: the results are in!

In other agent-ness, a post by Jessica Faust I read when it was fresh, but chose not to comment on because frankly the framing of its premise irked me. But Colin Smith linked it and looked for others' thoughts, so I had to get a little authorial adversarial. Am I am author? HELL YES. There isn't an agent in the world who can take that away from me, published or not. Period.

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