Friday, November 16, 2012

What Forkery Is This?

In historical fiction, there are some recurring fascinations we revisit - subjects, historical tidbits, the surprises of interpretation.  The Tudors will never stop exerting their charisma on storytellers, it seems.  Or we like to retread Stupid Medieval People - or stop and Wait, Medieval People Were SMART! - or regurgitate tales of royalty (*uncomfortable pause*  ...  " ... hi ...").  One of the things we like to share from our researches is the history of the fork.  It shows up in movies from time to time, usually in a scene marveling the pomposity of innovation.  But we seem to be tied up on tines.

The entirely delightful Elizabeth Chadwick has a bit to say about forks (including how forking is a sin!).  Pithy, but illustrated and informative!

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