Sunday, November 25, 2012


The kids just broke a CFL bulb (but not the excessively cool cranberry glass lamp with an internal light as well as the main bulb).  *Sigh*  I used to work for the electric utility, so I actually know (a) proper CFL disposal and (b) how important it actually is.

Still, the thing was already improperly disposed of when I came to it.  So the dustbuster it was.  Here's hoping nobody dies of mercury poisoning (yes, thank you, that is my tongue in my cheek - sort of ...).

The day started with a three-Advil headache, which isn't all that intense by my standards, but the waking-up with the damn thing helped make it more irritating.  Then there was the half-hour wander with Penny, attempting to get her to poo, but not in the exact same people's yard she's become a bit too prone to using.  No dice.  But a beautiful morning, if cool for my suede jacket.

Just as well, Penny decided to have a nice chew on that jacket when we came home.  *SIGH*

Have just lit a dozen or more votives, in cute little candle fixtures all over the living room.  Most of the lights in the room are fairly dim, so it's a soft and warm, low light for the evening.  It'd almost be romantic, but ... ah well.

My mom will be back in town tomorrow, and I've called to offer my stepfather (again) to drive up with him in the evening.  We'll see if he takes me up on it, but my expectations are not high.  Worrisome.

This week I need to be on top of a fairly big game, and lately I haven't been.  This could redeem, or compound, but the pressure I've got on myself is kind of high.  (Hence a cozy and cheering room full of candles, an the full indulgence I have given myself, being lazy this Sunday.)

The house is clean, the pets are so good.  Twelve hours to go, before a somewhat heavy duty week.

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