Monday, November 12, 2012


Smithsonian Magazine showed up recently on my Twitter suggestions, and that was a Follow in a hot minute.  They don't seem to post a steady stream, so this is my first link from them, but the photography here reminds me of the sort of fascination we sometimes found in dad's subscription when we were younger.

I can also remember (back when my eyes were so perfect) sitting on the counter in the bathroom, nose all but pressed to the mirror, and staring intently into the detail of my irises.  It fascinated me that the colored surface of that circle, under my lens, looked "dusty" to me.  How could something moist appear particulate like talc, like the dry dirt on the ground?

Suran Manvelyan

These images are almost too particular, themselves, to avoid almost grossing some people out, but deeply fascinating indeed.


K.E. Skedgell said...

Some of them weren't that bad to look at, but those with brown color gave me the heebie jeebies.

DLM said...

As a brown-eyed person I'm not sure that entirely lacks for insult, but then I found that 7th one grossest (not a brown iris) ...

K.E. Skedgell said...

I thought the last one was brown, eh, but yeah, it was the creepiest. Didn't mean to offend, just an observation of those photos.