Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Know ...

... I get that people who are married and parents dismiss, pretty routinely, those of us who didn't choose (or weren't able) to replicate their lives.

I get that we live in a nation, to address or describe the population of which, "important" people invariably say: families. It is so automatic a prejudice, a set of ridiculous presumptions (and always "on" those of us it ignores), it's not even worth protesting. And, you know what? Most of the d*mned time, I don't even bother.

I get that by virtue of my abnormaility I am marginalized. It's a deeper, more wildly widespread, and vastly even-less-questioned bigotry than "fat-ism" is.

Whatever, is my response to it. I know my substance, and if my culture punishes me for it, to hell with that aspect of my culture and society. Seriously. Bite me, every one of you.


But holy cr*p. Someone I love has DIED, and two people I've talked to tonight could not WAIT to ignore that, push by it, minimize it, and discuss THEIR interests - in one case, the minor health issue of an aunt I swear I have never heard of before (in thirty years) and in the other, the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING I am meant to do for someone online.

I mean.

I know I am nothing. G-d help me, to both these people, I have too long accepted this perfectly asinine demotion by default.

But can we pretend THIS means something?

The man who has died - he wasn't traitorously insane enough to fail to marry and procreate. Can you at least respect HIM, if I am of no account ... ?


I mean, holy &**^0%($$


Wolfmammy said...

I am sorry, hun. :(


Mojourner said...

So, someone said this was too vitriolic for a blog, and you think it may be inappropriate? Nah. What is the medium for if not to unleash the inner scream.

But as a married with kids guy, I have to say you are nothing special, I ignore and dismiss everyone besides them. As a hermitish guy, I sometimes ignore them too.

DLM said...

Nobody said it was "too" vitriolic - just surprisingly pungent, with a certain concern I should be okay. And as you say, I'm certainly indulging my inner scream. It's just that usually I prefer to scream about different stuff, like people's obnoxious sense of entitlement, and why twerps have jobs during periods of my own unemployment. Those are easier to holler about, they're less personal.