Sunday, June 4, 2017


Even apart from the fact that I am a writer, words have always meant a great deal to me. They are more than stories, more than communication, they are avatars for what me must express as human beings. Today, I learned a new word. It is meaningful to me. How about you?

How to keep cool in eighteenth-century summer clothes - American Duchess provides such interesting background (yes, silk IS the worst in summertime in Virginia!). Observations from experience, some of them unexpected. (And, inauthentic or not, an icepack in the bonnet does sound pretty good to me ...)

Aww ... I shall recuse myself from entering Janet's latest caption contest, but it's about my boy again! Also, I already won a book this week, so someone else deserves this win. I deserve just to enjoy the entries!

Notes to entrants: Kate Larkindale, Gossamer used to RUN under that door when I first adopted him! And kathy joyce, a draft sock didn't even stop him. I used to pull a DRAWER out of my chest of drawers and put it at the crack to keep him from careening in and out all night long. He was so wee. I love Melanie Sue Bowles's caption, and BJ Muntain's, and got such a laugh out of Mark Ellis's and Colin's and Donna's and Elissa M's and Craig F's. Note to Brian Schwarz - I have a pic of him on my cube wall at work - all giant eyeballs and curious whiskers. On it is pasted, in about 24 pt. bold font, the question, "Didja ever get the feelin' ... ... you was bein' WATCHED?"

My theory? He was remembering when he used to bolt under that door, and reminiscing about being so small he could do that ... and then fall asleep on my neck with my chin for a pillow. And how he used to knead on my head so I got such INTERESTING hairdos. (Because: Gossamer.)

Editing to add another link - Donna Everhart is going to start her first-sentence Fridays feature again, now for her new novel, The Road to Bittersweet. In celebration, a clip of great music and dacing - one of those things it is a joy to see digitized online, real people in a real place and a real time, in joy and creativity and community. What a wonderful document, and a fine way for Donna to celebrate.


MLG said...

Thanks for the liget post . . . when Mom died in '93, an anthropologically-minded friend gave me a copy of Rosaldo's article, "The Rage of the Headhunter," where he lays out a version of his experience. So potent.

I think Elisabeth Kubler-Ross gets this, too, in a way that isn't always immediately transparent. The "anger" of "denial, bargaining, etc." isn't anger about the actual death (I think), but this experience of liget. Just ANGER, full stop.

It's good to have a word for it.


MLG said...

And would it be rude of me, as a non-community member, to post captions in a contest where I don't know folks? Because if I had seen this picture on Sunday, I might have suggested:

"Mom? Mom? Mom mom mom? You in there, mom? . . . Would you like some company?"

DLM said...

Hello, TEO!

The first image that came to my mind, reading about liget, was a Klingon's roaring protest at the moment of death - for a comrade, a loved one or friend. I didn't want to post that at the time I put this up, because I know there are those who would find the comparison cheap and therefore not click through, but the fact is, Trek's universe and species/races are deeply thought out in cultural terms. Klingons' emotionality is only our own, just as Bajorans' spirituality is, or Vulcans' desire for learning and enlightenment. And the Klingons are not as popular as they are for no reason; they speak to us, in terms like liget.

You can comment anywhere in the world, The Reef is very welcoming and good writing is eagerly adored and sought. I recused myself from the contest because, when it comes to Gossamer, I already have the best possible prize of course. Heh. That said, of course the contest is closed. Still, I think you'd enjoy The Queen of the Known Universe's (QOTKU) daily posts, and the community who comment.

DLM said...

Holy G-d. '93. Seems impossible that wasn't yesterday.

Was thinking of your younger son's eyes just this week. And she is with us.