Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today was a good day.

In addition to buying a couple rugs for the house on an outing with my mon on Saturday, and some much needed sneakers and other shoes on an outing with Cute Shoes (of course!) and her son on Sunday, there was a great deal to get done this weekend. So taking four days of it worked out nicely. I went to a new doctor and cleaned house on Friday, and on Monday I stayed in alone and did some email and computer housekeeping, as well as a LOT of cooking.

Just in time for the holiday, I had received a bill for property tax on the car I’d sold almost exactly a year ago. *Sigh* Dealing with the County and DMV come in at the top of exactly nobody’s favorite things, so I’ll admit that’s the two-sided task I didn’t get done before the holiday was over. (Oh, and I couldn’t install my printer on my dumbstupidiot stupid dumb Dell, because Dell and/or Windows 8 apparently do not believe that printers should be printers, ohhh no – they have to be integrated online, so don’t even try to just do a device install, because: Windows account logins! And Tigers! And Bears! Oh my!)

So last night, I dug up the appropriate paperwork to show I traded The Godforsaken Car in just a bit over one year ago now, and today I scanned the pages at work and emailed them to myself at home.

Weirdly, it appears the County will take an email of these copies – and they mention no further hoops to jump through, apart from the gentle reminder I must make sure DMV knocks The GC off my list. Again: *sigh*

What’s fascinating to me is … I fully anticipated a chaming lunch hour (and then some) wrangling on the phone, but took a shot and did a little getting online just to see.

And had DMV wrapped up in about five minutes.


I even re-upped my registration for two years. Easy as pie.

The DMV website was so easy to use, I was left with the anticlimactic feeling it could NOT have been that simple, and surely I didn’t actually do a thing. You know that feeling, when because you manage something online, some corner of your brain maintains suspicion nothing’s actually done? Perhaps a feeling held mainly by those of us of A Certain Age … (?)

On top of all this, last night, in and cooling off after a good walk with Pen-Pen, I got a truly unexpected message, via the contact form on this blog. I mean – who uses the contact form on a blog?

A neighbor had found my debit card on the street; it had fallen out of my pocket, and I had no idea. YOIKS! So she reached out the only way she could find – and bless her for it. I picked it up safe and sound after work today.

It was a good day.
I didn’t even hafta use my A. K.

Annnnnnnd - yeah, here's a geriatric white chick using Ice Cube in a post like THIS one. I know. I do, I know. But you know - this song has always made me groove. Consider the privilege-apologetic caveat entered. And just dig the oo-waa-o.


Donnaeve said...

Can't say as I dig the tune, although I do like some of the hip hop/rap stuff. There've been a few Eminem songs..., a few LL Cool J, etc.

One song I really really loved was a remake of Killing Me Softly by the Fugees. Ever heard it? If not, get thyself onto Youtube and search for it and TELL ME THAT DOESN'T knock your sox off?

But. Your choice WAS perfect for a good day.

Donnaeve said...

This version...give it about a minute into it for it to get GOOD. :)

DLM said...

Lauryn doing Killing Me Softly is one of the few CDs I ever bothered to buy when it was new and fresh. It is a great cover.

Today, I heard Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" - perhaps the best cover of all time, that. Christ (and I say that invocationally, not profanely), that song is a hymn.