Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The Arrant Pedant on whether we can empirically "prove" grammar. "Just because something is doesn't mean it ought to be." An excellent rule for life in general, kids. (This is one of those times I wish my dad were here, so we could talk about this interesting article. He'd have liked the AP, I think. But I hope I'll be dead before new-kulur replaces the proper pronunciation of nuclear.)

NatGeo takes a look at the unexpected brain science behind London cabbies' "The Knowledge" test. Turns out? Intensive learning changes your brain. Neat!

Fellow Reider Brian Schwartz has a great post on not letting a phone run you. I'm late to link it, but love it!

Jeff Sypeck's poetry inspired by the gargoyles of the National Cathedral itself has inspired music. How cool must THAT be!?


Jeff said...

Thanks for the link! It is indeed cool—a rare gift, actually, and one so satisfying that I'm afraid to start hoping that the same young musician will offer it again with a different poem...

DLM said...

... and yet: HOW COULD YOU NOT!? :) I would - heck, I do, and I didn't even have a hand in your poems!

It took me an age to get around to posting that link, but I was captivated by the whole idea/progression immediately. She threw your words into sharp relief, it was fascinating to hear through another reader's ear.