Friday, April 3, 2015

For my Fellow Reiders

To my readers from Janet Reid's community: y'all, if I'd seen lima beans here, I'd have instantly passed out. As it is, just cackling laughter (see #2!).


Anonymous said...

Kale! Cackling laughter is right. Great twist on "Reiders" as well!

DLM said...

I can NOT believe I'd be the first to come up with Reiders, but when it came to me I thought - we really need to name our community! :)

Kale. Hee.

Lilac said...

Hi Diane, great that Colin added you to the list. I'm delighted to visit your lovely blog, and I always learn so much from you: thank you. It's wonderful to know you. :-)

And two thumbs up for Reiders... :-)

DLM said...

Hello, Lilac! I am pleased he added me too, I was late to even find Janet's party and Blogger for some reason JUST would not let me add a comment, so I was in a pet.

Janet rocks. When IS that vote for QOTKU????