Thursday, January 15, 2015

Savoring Christmas Treats

My brother and I have swapped a certain indulgence, over the years, with each other for being late with Christmas gifts or the like. As each of us has a birthday not many months out from “The Holidays”, we grew up on “this is Christmas … AND your birthday” with our gifts, and so (a) birthdays never were quite the Busby Berkeley production around our house, and (b) sometimes were a bit of an extension of the by-late-winter extinct holiday in December.

All this is to say: I suck, and I send his and my nieces’ presents late pretty much every year. At this point, I’ve missed not only Christmas, but one of the nieces’ birthdays, and will miss the older one’s soon if I don’t get crackin’. As for big bro, there is still time, and he and I don’t worry a lot about on-timeliness, because – extended Christmas! (Or birthday!) Fun!

So prolonging the fun of a gift is always a giggle for me. And, not being a Liddle Kid anymore, Christmas revolves a lot less around presents and so on, and thus the ones that do come are often a genuine surprise.

This year, Cute Shoes and another friend of ours went in together on a joint present for me – which is, ironically, pretty much going to become a new pair of shoes.

Not just any shoes, mind you. American Duchess shoes.

They gave me a substantial start with a gift certificate, and ever since we three got together for our own belated Hannukah/Christmas Ladies who Lunch Date, I’ve been SAVORING the catalog at AD.

If I went with the Claremonts, I’d wear them to work and enjoy them immensely. They’re just the sort of 30s-chic I like very much, and they’d be a great addition to a collection of less authentic similar styles I already have …

… but then: I already have shoes for work.

… and, really, my work doesn’t even require the professional wardrobe I already have.

So … ahh, wouldn’t it be fun to pick something more entirely special?

The dove-grey Seabury pumps - or even the black ones?

The oh-so-eighteenth-century Antoinette mules?

Ahh, but I am not confident in my ability to DYE such a fine shoe.

Perhaps the black Savoys? I could embellish those (or even not!), with somewhat less fear.

It’s fun having options – and, of course, if I give it a minute, their next exclusive design might sweep me away.

If I give it a minute or two, it might be a fun way to celebrate finally agenting The Ax and the Vase.

What it’s given me – obviously – is a great deal of fun, and that most wonderful blessing in life: antici ……

……. Pation.

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