Saturday, July 17, 2010

Giggly As A Schoolgirl

I have finally scrubbed my kitchen and put away almost all the project supplies. My goodness, the place really does look pretty great. I still need to clean the stove, and the floors need Swiffing upstairs and down, but the house is shaping up - and that kitchen is looking GREAT!

The new light fixture turns out not to have a switch, and is not (at least currently ... pardon the pun ...) connected to the mystery switch on my wall. In looking at the old fixture, I should be able to install the old chain-pull, I think; but ideally I'd love to find a way to have this light speak with that switch which seems to have nothing to do. That might be a project for another day - and even the chain pull isn't going to pull my attention for a couple days yet. I've just had too much for now, and with work on Monday, I want to focus on something other than the refining details of this already overlong project!

It's lovely to have the house (getting) clean again, and in a couple hours both it and I will be pretty and fresh, and I can't wait. It will be such a lovely day tomorrow, to get up and have a bright, tidy house with a new kitchen to putter around in - and then Monday, I am just so excited to go off for my first day at the new job, then come home to such a wonderful place.


My nerves have gone haywire, to be sure, over this past couple of days. But I am optimistic the weekend - and the new week - will at least be good times.

Even with the inevitable first-day-on-a-new-job sleep deprivation and migraine headache. I am thinking (especially for this job): worth every bit of the minor/pernicious discomforts.


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