Saturday, March 24, 2018

He died this morning at about seven. Thank you, Lord - for his life, and for his peace.


Stephen G Parks said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Hope you're well.

Find your time to grieve, be aware that everyone will express grief differently. Know that family dynamics will shift and become somewhat unstable with the passing of a senior member. My father's passing changed my life completely - it literally sent me off into the world - without impacting my sister at all. My mother's passing didn't affect me as much, but drove my sister into some dark corners. But there's an elasticity to family relations that may not pull all the relationships back into the same shape, but will pull them back nonetheless.

Peace be with you.

DLM said...

Thank you, Stephen. We are probably better now; certainly better than last week.

My dad died fifteen years ago, and so my stepfather *was* the changed shape of our family. So his passing will be a bit less of a restructuring - except for my mom, of course. It may be a quiet time for the two of us, at times, but with some freedom from the fears and responsibilities of caregiving.

My stepfather was not the most welcome change to me and my brother, but I came to feel very protective of him, and he has been one of the funniest people we have ever known. He's taught me a lot about grace, and I suspect that is not over now. I am glad, thinking how much I will miss him.

I did not see him coming. It's been hard, but a blessing I would not have missed.

... and also with you.

Jeff said...

Wishing him peace and rest--and comfort in rich memories for you and your mother.

Troy said...

Sorry for your loss, Diane.

DLM said...

Thanks, T. You know something about how hard this road has been; the end of it is both a sorrowful and a more peaceful place.

Jeff, that's the best of what we have left, much to be grateful for. Thank you.