Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The ghouls, the freaks, the impersonators ... they are everywhere!

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Every day, we're assaulted with clickbait, dressed up as headlines. For those of us grown wary, they words call attention to their true calling as propaganda ... but apparently enough people are still beguiled by them that the things still exist, and proliferate ...

So, far from being the monstrosities *I* see, the must be really great words. Right?

How about some scary Hallowe'en flash fiction?

Here are the prompt words (and do you think Janet would mind if I borrowed her rules?):

  • Insane
  • Chilling
  • Revealed
  • Creature
  • This one thing/this one trick

I'll post mine if you'll post yours!!

But YOU will win the wild acclaim of the masses. As for this prize, I recuse myself from eligibility. Not least out of the spine-tingling fear Colin Smith or John Davis Frain might post a story in the comments ... !!!


I am NOT afraid of spiders. Prettiest creature of the Hallowe'en season. Any season.

Pretty little liars.

They're just jealous. It’s the *witches’* holiday, and that’s me.

Remembering the seven-footer, an insanely huge web from the kitchen window to the stoop railing. Remember the filament I all but ate last night. The air was finally chilling, walking the dog, one tenacious string, stretched across the sidewalk. Never revealed, it just hit me in the lip.

I am not afraid of spiders. They’re afraid of me.

I do my own weaving. That filament was Arachne’s last insult.

This one trick …


Colin Smith said...

Oh, I see. Call me out just to tempt me to post something, eh, Diane? That's just mean and crafty... and it worked. :)

for her sins, an execution was planned for dawn. ten men with muskets aimed at a pole. tie up the poor creature like a bird on a vertical spit. blindfold. the men cock their weapons and ready to shoot. she shouts:

“last request!”

the captain goes to her. she whispers. he looks stunned. gets a chill. ingrained sense of duty. whips out his sword. cuts her bonds.

she stumbles to the ground, then walks to her mother’s arms.

“wha’ happened? the truth were revealed. you was guilty.”

“just this one thing, ma. just one thing.”


“me name ain’t dawn.”

DLM said...

Replying not to add my flash, but to die of squee. MAN, that was fast. And man, that was OSUM, Colin!!!!

Thank you.

Other reiders, and other readers (if only I had any!) - the gauntlet has been thrown down!

DLM said...

And HOLY HECK what a use of the prompts! :)