Sunday, July 9, 2017


Once it is known that buyers are willing to purchase items with dubious or nonexistent provenance, the market for those items expands, which in turn encourages the kind of looting that we’re witnessing today in the Middle East. The connection between a scrap of papyrus and on-the-ground violence may be difficult to see. But it exists.

Many have seen the headlines of the $3M judgment against Hobby Lobby in regard to the thousands of tablets and bullae they amassed by questionable means. Here is a closer look at their path to such startling acquisition - and the speed at which they took it. "Breakneck" is not often the pace of archaeological commerce. This is an interesting, in-depth look at the people involved and the often all-too-shady business of trading antiquties.

Sometimes, it's a shame I am so slow to toddle through the blogs I follow and read; John Davis Frain has a personal and extremely good entry on Independence Day. It is both unique and universal: the trick of a mighty fine writer. It's also brief, and not really about flag-waving. So, worth a click any time of year.

I was late, too, to Celia Reeves' blog, where some weeks ago she talked about a Day of Remembrance. Beautiful post, with a photo worth clicking on to enlarge and really look at closely.

Colin Smith has two posts I wanted to share with anyone who hasn't seen them already (again, I am shamefully late in my perusal). One on writing about writing, as a pre-published author. And another, from the genuine-interest-in-people side of the "where are you from - really" question. CNN link worth a click beyond as well, from the "I am exhausted" side. These two pieces make good companion looks at the question - and not super-long reading, either.


Colin Smith said...

I enjoyed John's Independence Day post, too. Thanks for the shout-outs. Or it that shouts-out? :)

DLM said...

If I were to indulge in Gadzookery, I'd say it was shoutings of out. :P

But my vote is shout-outs. Shouts-out sounds too much like a proper grammatical construction -
she shouts out - describing someone hollering a bit. And we can't have proper grammatical construction around here.

Good to see you! :)

John Davis Frain said...

Diane, you're so kind. I have been head-down editing my ms. August 1 deadline, and I will be early. But it has kept me from the blog circuit, including attending to my own. Thank you for the mention though, that was so cool.

DLM said...

No deadlines on saying hi here, you are welcome any time at all! It was a good post, and I do think it stands up any time of year.