Sunday, March 5, 2017


Baby boomers are offloading all kinds of things.

One of the interesting things about the Baby Boom generation, in relation to the "boom" size of the demographic relative to others currently wandering around the globe, has always been its market impact. As these denizens retire and downsize, the latter dynamic is leading to a boom of sorts in museum donations. The interesting part is *what* they are donating. Including "The Butt." Talk about diversifying the archives ... !

American Duchess received the most remarkable treasure recently, a gown on which they're going to do more than one post. Peek #1 at this find includes the fascinating chemistry of reviving 200-year-old textile, and comes with great photos of a dress which is in truly stunning condition. This is a great look at conservation, construction, and style. The surprising scientific side of all this really engaged the geek in me. Can NOT wait for more.

Some buildings are pickled in aspic by the heritage industry, but the best adapt and change, their architecture reflecting the social changes since they were built.

This post from Tom Williams makes a good companion to the AD link above, in a way; the above quote puts it in a nutshell. Over time, conservation and transformation go hand in hand - in our clothing, in our architecture, in many of the material aspects of our lives. Take a trip to St. Helens, Bishopsgate for an 800-year-old example!


John Davis Frain said...

All that talk about "The Butt," but then they fail to show a picture of it. Inquiring minds! At least, I couldn't find an image of it. I guess there's one somewhere on the web. Now I have to decide if I WANT to see it!

DLM said...

My thinking EXACTLY! If you find it, please come back and share. My mind's merely prurient, but let's call it the spirit of inquiry, eh?

Lilac Shoshani said...

You guys are hilarious…:D
P.S. I'm glad I didn't have to see any butts…;-)