Friday, December 2, 2016

All the Books

All the books I've bought lately have had their own distinctive, incredibly satisfying feeling in my hands. Of one book, I bought four copies. Its pages enchanted me. The resonance, when you tap the stack of them, that echo inside the minuscule spaces between them, the space inside the books, their universe.

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Of another, I bought two. These are older books, hardcover, each of them with the mylar slipcover. One is a first edition, a gift. The other is for me. The instant I opened it, and my hand touched its cover, and I felt that soft vibration, heard the sound of its thump - that soft thump when you pat a book, that satisfying thump as warm as the thump I give Penelope on her furry, deep chest ...

That book had the best thump I have felt in a long time.

Penelope has good thump.

I knew I had to buy another copy of this book for someone I love. And that one, when I found it - that soft, quiet, warm sound. Of a book.

That glorious sound - when you *have* opened a book, when you've been using it as G-d intended, filling yourself with it - and you have to close it again. That sound, of closing a book. Closing a hardcover. That soft, soft, but definitive closing, the almost invisible sound of the mylar, the indescribable movement of paper against itself, and the covers coming together, protecting it, saving the rest of the pages for you, saving them all for you.

What is the best-feeling book you have held lately?


Colin Smith said...

I don't know about lately, but I've always liked the feel of Penguin paperbacks. Smooth pages that easily flop open, and that new book smell. *sigh*

DLM said...

Oddly enough, I can actually recall your saying this before! Agreed, too. A book that balances and opens well is a pleasure.

Thank you for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly "get" this post. Some books just belong in a person's hands.

DLM said...

What struck me most with one of the recent purchases was that "thump" - the *sound* of a book; satisfying, quiet, strong. Some sort of promise and invitation, that sensation.