Monday, November 14, 2016


My spine just tingled a bit, and my heart contracted. I hadn't thought of this, but Stephen Parks may be right. The death that may have changed history.

Question about the post-electoral protests which involve shutting down freeways. Is there any irony in protesters' doing is what Chris Christie's compatriots just got convicted for? Just wondering.

Okay, enough politics-adjacent thoughts for now.

There is a fungus among us! (Yes, this is NOT politics.) Funky (fungi?!) furniture - now there's a design concept. What's next? Welp: "bricks without kilns, leather without cows and silk without spiders" ...

Here's hoping that Gwen Ifill and Leonard Cohen will rest in peace. I was stunned, in particular, to hear of Ms. Ifill's death today, and late to hear of Cohen's passing. He was eighty-two, she only sixty-one.

With thanks and condolences to their friends and loved ones ...

It seems right and good to close with a reminder - tonight is the supermoon's brightest night! Beautiful photos from around the nation's capitol, with a couple stops in Maryland and Virginia. Does your moon hang low ... ?


Stephen G Parks said...

Yeah, I don’t KNOW that Biden would have been a better candidate than Hillary. He does have a reputation for being flighty. But if the only factor was Hillary’s negatives, well, Biden wasn’t encumbered by them.

Also Biden would have had some avenues for attacking Trump that Clinton was denied. Her criticisms were always passive aggressive (Look at what he said. Do you believe that?). Whereas Biden could very well have stopped a debate with “Donnie, you lost a billion dollars … in one year … on a casino! How stupid do you have to be to do that?” Such a level of aggression probably wouldn’t have been accepted from a female candidate (Harpy! Shrill!), but would have been just another Biden moment. And if Trump complained, Biden could have just chalked it up to “locker room talk”.

But now, I don’t know if Trump was ever stoppable. If the vote was going to go to an outsider anyway, then obviously Bernie was the Dems' best option. If the rust belt was going Trump's way no matter what, then it didn’t matter who the Dems had as a candidate.

DLM said...

I'm one of those realists who has a hard time living in "what if", but as a WRITER, this is impossibly intriguing.