Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

It is Gossamer TEC's fouth birhtday and I am, I think, very sick indeed. Because  it's been like a whole moth, so I need to be sick again.

So, with apologies, I don't feel up to providing photos of the boy rightnow  - but happy birthday, Gossie.


TCW said...


DLM said...

Thank you, Tom. The nausea has subsided, but I am still a bit of a slapstick act trying to get up and walk, so today it's off to the doc, chauffeured by mom as my own driving would be ill-advised and not comedic.

Lennon Faris said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Donnaeve said...

Oh my. We certainly had our share of illness in this household a month ago. I had the flu, and then had a violent reaction to Tamiflu, b/c you know, I wasn't already miserable enough. Then, I gave it to Blaine. It took me 16 days to feel "normal." He got over it after about the same amount of time only to come down with a horrific stomach bug two weeks later.

Sending good thoughts to you. Hope you feel better soon! ((((hugs))))

DLM said...

Lennon and Donna - nice to see y'all!

March was my migraine, flu, cold month; but labyrinthitis sometimes follows on other illnesses. So yay.

I'm still not balancing well on my gimbals, but was able finally to go to work today. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Five days of this already, and don't feel like I'm recovering. It's for the birds.

But: going back in today, it was an overwhelming backlog, immediate demands before I'd even sat down ... and people asking how I was. It is good to be needed It is good to be missed. I love my job.