Saturday, April 23, 2016


Happy St. George's Day! Please join J.V. Cullen for a few minutes' fun with facts on April 23. He's always witty, easy reading - plus, Star Wars references and the phrase "Bring out the kittens." *Snort!*

Leila Gaskin has a GREAT post on women (or men) who read books. And I'll be needing the WWRB t-shirt she's designing.

THIS JUST IN: Lilac Shoshani has an interview with Donna Everhart, author of The Education of Dixie Dupree. Neato-spedito!

In the very last link here, we took a look at the stunning preservation of a seventeenth-century silk gown. Now we have an idea as to whose gown that was. I'm completely taken away when we can find owers and stories and histories of artifacts which are interesting enough in their own right, but can be deepened with this kind of provenance.

Gary Corby on The Beatles and stadium gigs even older than Shea. Who wouldn't want to hear an ancient Grecian trumpet-blowing contest?

Proving that The History Blog has more to offer than fascinating silk dresses - how about the intriguing finds at an archaeological dig at Malcolm X's house? From the eighteenth century to 1959 records (you can listen to at a link provided), get a load of where Mr.X (not mine) grew up.

Here is magnificent writing, including a grabber of a first sentence. Whipchick, on the times she's been on fire ... "Burn wards are full of children." *Shudder*


Donnaeve said...

Thank you for sharing my interview Diane.

OMG on Whipchick. Read it and was totally captivated. Interestingly, part of my WIP deals with a traveling carnival - my poor Appalachian family takes up with one to try and support themselves, i.e like traveling singers. I have a fire eater in it - he goes by Diablo. (It's 1940, so that worked back then)

DLM said...

Is that not fantastic!? I've been reading Whipchick's blog a little while now, but that was a true gem.

Cannot wait for your work, of course. You keep us wanting more!

Donnaeve said...

The comments at The Reef (you may not have seen) about "a book a year" that I made, had to do with my sense of "panic." I.e. if the pub execs are lovin' debut, what will they think of the 2nd book? Read this as = pressure. Feeling lots of pressure to live up to little old DIXIE DUPREE.

DLM said...

Remember that the pressure you're under is what so many of us have hoped for. Dixie is a great motivator; your word counts seem to show that! GO GET 'EM, Donna - and you'll cover yourself in glory, no doubt about it.

Leila said...

That's why we're friends. We read books that rock AND we wtite. :)