Saturday, June 6, 2015


Louisa Young at The History Girls has a short, lovely post about The Called One. Worth a click if only to discover the heartbreaking irony. "I will not leave you comfortless."

The History Blog looks at the Rijksmuseum's 400 year retrospective fashion plate exhibition and the birth of modern fashion magazines. "Historical fashion porn of the highest quality" ... well, what a recommendation! Ahem.

"Hi, lady ... Lady! Lady!" ... The occasional fear of being a woman.Welcome to it, Caitlyn.

On whether anachronism can be constructive in historical fiction/drama. I'm not necessarily persuaded - but thre are some interesting points here.


Donnaeve said...

That article on harassment was GREAT. If it weren't for travelers like Hannah Howard writing about such things, I'd think it was only a cultural issue on this side of the pond. I had no idea.

I read a couple of the comments (no way could I dive into 550 plus) but one guy said he realized he'd been guilty all along in the way he addressed women at work. He'd always started conversations like "You have nice hair," or "you look nice today," etc. He realized after reading the other article which started it all, that instead of talking about the woman or how she looked, how about talking TO her.

My initial thought was, would you make some personal remark to a guy about his appearance, in general? Likely not.

I hit the "LIKE" button. Smart man. Compliments are FINE in certain situations. I like compliments. I think most men are astute enough to know when's the right time and when it's not.

DLM said...

Thank you, Donna. I've never actually been sure whether anyone clicks on anything in these Collections posts.

As to that item; I've written about this myself many a time, but one of my first real experiences of it was at age fourteen in Israel and Greece. A very young girl, surrounded by my family, what I received was mainly stares, but it formed the way I deal with male attention to this day.

Like you, I feel no impingement from ordinary compliments in and of themselves (though it's a moot point, these days). But as somebody once said, if the way you flirt is actually upsetting ...