Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seven Slicin' Grammaw - and Other Stories

I wish she'd had a leather jacket with "Seven Slicin' Granny" on the back.  She'd have preferred a soft cardigan, but she could have rocked that.  As she rocked the skill of her almost-mythical pie slicing talent.

The Arrant Pedant frees us from yet more rules that only prove ... the language ain't what it used to be!

Leila Gaskin knows a little something about crit groups.  And writing communities, at that!  I'm grateful for both - which gave me the golden friend who is:  Leila Gaskin.  Parenthetically, it was that Mojourner guy who got me to my first JRW conference, all those years ago (I think it was only the second or third one).  So we can thank/blame him when Ax finally gets out into the world.  But we can blame/thank Leila, too - she's a most motivating Broad.

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