Saturday, November 9, 2013

Long Weekend

Last night, a friend and I got together and went to a community event to open the holiday season, in which many of the wonderful shops and our farmer's market opened for the evening.  I found a few little things for my family, and spent my money LOCALLY, which was really fun.  It was a happy accident, too, so a bonus enjoyable evening with someone I really like.

Sunday, we'll get together again, with another friend (and, perhaps, her daughter, who is delightful) and have movie and junk food night.  Yay!!!

Tonight, I think there's a chance I'll motivate and go out dancing.

In between these things, the major plan for the weekend is to work on the revisions and to get the INTERVIEW done, too, to send to the agent I met at the Conference, who was so delightful herself.  But the bulk has to be:  The Ax and the Vase.  So here I go, off to clean the house, which is step one to clearing the decks for tomorrow and Monday to be devoted to the writing.

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