Friday, February 22, 2013

Cats? On Teh Intarwebs? 'Stroo!

Globalization - and epochization! - how the Fort Vancouver National Historical site in WA spans time & the globe.

Twice today I've seen a version of the pearl-clutching facetism, "Cats?  On the internet??" - once in an email from my brother, treating me to this article (one's reminded of this too) - and once in a post on one of the blogs I follow.  That one led here, and to it I say:  "Hee."  The article my brother's email brought forth, though, was pretty interesting.  I actually researched bricks a little in the course of writing The Ax and the Vase, and most of the things I read about in that vein still attract my attention.  In this case, the sheer path of travel of an artifact is perhaps the most fascinating part.  So thanks to my big brother - an interesting sojourn indeed.

And, to quote him - "Plus, a kitty."  You know their paws are made of jellybeans in velvet, right?  *Snuggling the Gossa-monster*

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