PITCH: "The Ax and the Vase"

The Ax and the Vase
Diane L. Major

Historical fiction

I was born of a line sprung from a god, but inherited from my father little more than a stockade and small army.  Yet with that force, by the time I was twenty, I ousted Roman rule from Gaul.  I loved two women and sired four sons, giving birth to the Merovingian dynasty.  I set down the Salic law to unite my people.  My queen's Catholic faith became the battle standard for the conquest of a new domain.  I built it through victory, alliance, diplomacy -- and, finally, deception and murder.  In the end (so history has said), I was isolated by my power.

My life is a tale of ambition, passion, faith, and supreme accomplishment.

I am Clovis.  I was the first king of France.